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Clyde Prestowitz

Clyde Prestowitz is a leading analyst and commentator on foreign affairs, globalization, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Mexico, technology, and international economics. He has spent many years living and working abroad as a sales, marketing, and corporate planning manager for companies like Scott Paper and American Can Company in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Hong Kong.


He was a White House adviser in the Obama administration and served as Vice Chairman of President Clinton’s Commission on Trade and Investment in the Asia-Pacific region. He was also a director of the Export Import Bank of the United States under Clinton and served at the same time as the President of the Pacific Basin Economic Council. Earlier, during the Reagan Administration he served as Counselor to the Secretary of Commerce with a special focus on Japan with which he was the lead U.S. negotiator. He was a leader of the first U.S. Trade Mission to China in 1982 and helped to arrive at agreements that enabled U.S. companies to establish operations in China.


Clyde Prestowitz writes frequently for the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, The Washington Monthly, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The American Prospect, The Spectator, and other leading journals and newspapers.  


Aside from writing, he has served as a member of the Policy Advisory Board of Intel under Andy Grove, as an advisor to Fedex Chairman Fred Smith, as an advisor to former AIG Chairman Hang Greenberg, member of the Board of Lanxide Corporation, and advisor to Form Factor Inc.


His major books are: Trading Places: How We Are Giving Our Future to Japan (1988), Rogue Nation (2003), Five Billion New Capitalists: How Wealth and Power are Flowing to the East (2005), The Betrayal of American Prosperity (2010) and Japan Restored (2016). His upcoming book The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and the Struggle for Global Leadership is expected to be published in January 2021.


Clyde Prestowitz is a graduate with honors of Swarthmore College, holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and an MA in Asian studies from the University of Hawaii. He speaks five languages, including German, Dutch, French, Japanese and English.

Robert Cohen

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Telecommunications Industry, Technology Policy

Robert Cohen is an economist who has analyzed how the emergence of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, machine learning and AI have affected firms’ use of technology and its impact on the economy. He directs the Economic Strategy Institute's project on the economic impact of Cloud Computing, IoT, AI, and ML on the U.S. economy. The project won a Cisco university grant as well as support from IMA, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the Berggruen Foundation, Brocade and the OECD.


Dr. Cohen has served on the Steering Committee of the Global Grid Forum and directed TM Forum’s Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. He has been actively involved in IoT related events such as the IoT Slam conferences. He has also spoken on Cloud computing and AI at O’Reilly Strata conferences, Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit North America, and a succession of Cloud Expo and Big Data conferences. Firms such as Intel, IBM, Corning, Sun, and Juniper Networks have funded his work on the impact of grid computing and broadband communications on the US economy that ESI has published.


Dr. Cohen co-founded the New York part of the academic Internet, NYSERNet, and is a founding member of the Internet Society. He holds a BA from Swarthmore College and a PhD from the New School for Social Research. He is the author or co-author of five books.


Kate Brown

Kate Brown runs a freelance public relations business specializing in promotion of people within the fields of public affairs, foreign policy, the economy, global trade, politics, and media. Her clients include, The Washington Monthly, the Economic Strategy Institute, the National Security Network, and others.


Before launching out on her own in March of 2012, Kate was the director of public relations and marketing at Foreign Policy Magazine and media relations manager for the New America Foundation.


Kate also ran media relations for The Washington Times, was a freelance producer for the BBC, and originally came to Washington, DC to help launch Washington Post Radio after six years of producing and on-air work at the NPR affiliate in WI, WPR. 

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